Power Innovation. Lithium-Ion Storage

Lithium-Ion Storage Cabinet VUCAB52

Energy Storage for Telecom, Industry and Rail Applications

The VUCAB52 provides an electrical energy storage with special performance characteristics and security features.

Based on highly efficient lithium cells and a well-considered concept of error prevention and error handling, this storage cabinet is designed as a component of a large-capacity storage as well as a basis for a single solution, for example in the industrial-storage-sector.

The solution consists of lithium batteries, a DCDC converter and a controller. Due to this design, the energy storage can be used in applications requiring a DC voltage between 300 V and 750 V. The controller can be equipped with external standard interfaces according to demand.

It can monitor and adjust up to 10 storage cabinets via the internal CAN bus. The output currents of the DCDC converters in the connected cabinets can be set individually, thus enabling a centrally controlled charging and discharging.

The cabinet provides a forcibly actuated ventilation system, which interlinks the floor panels (equipped with a flame protection filter) under each battery with an exhaust system. Thus, no danger to users or to the environment can arise from this lithium-ion storage, even in the case of an accident.

Datasheets and System information in PDF

Lithium-Ion Storage Cabinet