Power Innovation. e-charger HPC-complete solutions

e-mobility Partner


Power Innovation offers DC charging technology - complete solutions in e-mobility.

From planning and installation with backend connection up to commissioning and service, we are your competent partner.

The unique architecture with DC intermediate circuit (750V DC bus) offers the possibility of keeping the energy management independent of the network. There is only one central grid connection through 2 x 300kW bidirectional inverters.

The diverse energy mix on the DC bus offers the possibility of connecting and managing a large variety of energy sources. All players on this bus are options, the specification, i.e. you, our customer, specifies the components.

This flexibility ensures that you get exactly the product with the options that is optimal for your application.

Each solution is individually planned, developed and implemented. All components are in-house developments by the above-mentioned cooperation partners and can, if necessary, be individually adapted for your project.

Goal: 100% regenerative Energy = fuel station in future