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... plus reliability, protection, modularity, and redundancy can be combined into one system: The LavaLINE series - the next generation in inverter technology. With this technology we offer the maximum in output power and intelligent power management supply for your critical AC line in a compact size.

With the system controller, you can adjust the performance to virtually any environment and specification, either manually through LCD display and buttons, or remote through a built-in RS-232 interface. The interface makes the LavaLINE system an ideal power supply component to be integrated in a larger network scheme, where a superior management system controls operations from a central point. You can operate LavaLINE in remote areas, and control it via analog modem or GSM, to achieve a distributed power supply system. The LavaLINE is self-diagnosing and able to anticipate problems, which are reported proactively to the management unit. This way you can ensure uptime and decrease service time, before any problem occurs.

The 2kVA or 4kVA inverter can be paralleled up to 12 units, totaling up to 48kVA in stable and secure power. Again, you are able to meet increasing power demands or the need for redundancy by adapting and growing the power system at any given time, without having to shut down and causing downtime for your investment. Just hot-plug the new unit, and let the LavaLINE controller do the rest automatically.

Optionally, the entire system can be outfitted with an electronic bypass module, to protect your equipment against power failures and anomalies, which, in worst cases, might result in downtimes or otherwise damage your equipment.

The LavaLINE units are available as single 19" blocks - allowing a seamless integration for your system, as well as, a complete system built into a 19" rack. Meeting your specifications and requirements, the system cabinet will be delivered with complete fusing and terminal blocks 'ready-to-connect', easy to service and maintain.

  • Remote operable through PC interface, analog modem or GSM modem
  • Scalable to customer’s requirements
  • Easy-to-use menu or terminal operation
  • Available in 19" rack, prewired and ready-to-connect
  • True n+1 reduncancy through hot-swappable units
  • Electronic bypass switching time less than 8ms
  • True load sharing in parallel operation
  • Protective Inverter Mode
  • RIP (Reverse Inrush Protection), preventing defective outputs to be fed by common load bus
  • True sinewave output generated by microprocessor

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LavaLINE Controller
120A LavaLINE Bypass
200A LavaLINE Bypass
2000VA LavaLINE Inverter
4000VA LavaLINE Inverter

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