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New electric buses start in regular service

New electric buses start in regular service

The Achim-based power electronics specialist Power Innovation Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH was a partner in the modernization of the bus-charging technology at August-Holweg-Platz in Hanover.

Under the leadership of the locally based PROKOT Elektrotechnik GmbH, the first high-performance charging point for charging electric buses during a short break between two line trips is built in Hanover. Power Innovation's DCDC converters, which are fed by the traction current, charge the bus at up to 400A via a pantograph.

The second pantograph installed at this location is supplied from the city's medium-voltage (grid) and shares the power drawn with three car-charging stations. Even here, the intelligent energy management system ensures that the bus can be charged at up to 400A in a prioritized manner.

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Charging park operator enercity AG

Charging park operator enercity AG

In Hanover, at the convenient location between A2 and B6, enercity AG, as the charging park operator, has opted for the technology of the E-Charger 600 from ENERCON. In the charging park, enercity AG will install four 4 DC fast charging points in the final stage, each operated with a charging power of max. 350kW.

The E-Charger 600 has been developed in cooperation between ENERCON GmbH and Power Innovation GMBH. It has the currently most powerful charging points for electric vehicles and is intended to enable fast charging for long-distance travel at this location.

Press responses to this event:

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Cooperation agreement between ENERCON and Power Innovation

Cooperation agreement between ENERCON and Power Innovation

The globally active wind energy company ENERCON and the power electronics specialist Power Innovation have signed a cooperation agreement for the upcoming tasks in e-mobility.

High-performance chargers are to be developed for all electric vehicles in order to actively help shape the energy transition in the transport sector. ENERCON and Power Innovation are launching a joint product that combines wind power with e-mobility.

The efficiency and flexibility of Power Innovation in the development of power electronics and the competence and experience of ENERCON in grid connection as well as worldwide available project planning and services of the large corporation guarantee high quality and availability for the customer as the charging park operator.

  • Opening of the HPC charger at the EEZ
  • Opening of the HPC charger at the EEZ

Opening of the HPC charger at the EEZ

As part of a specialist conference at the Aurich location, ENERCON GmbH and Power Innovation GmbH presented the first high-power charger for e-mobility in Germany.

The modular system with power container and separately located charging points can charge cars, buses, trucks or also vans at up to 4 x 350kW. The concept, which was developed in close cooperation between the two companies, is intended to be groundbreaking for the charging infrastructure in Germany.

Charging parks, i.e. charging stations, should provide regenerative energy for e-mobility. Due to the high available power, a charging process, similar to a visit to the gas station today, can fill the battery of the electric car in just 10 to 20 minutes.

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Conference Ultra-fast charging by both ENERCON and Power Innovation

Conference "Ultra-fast charging" by both ENERCON and Power Innovation

The conference "Ultra-fast charging with 100% CO2-free energy" will be organised by both ENERCON and Power Innovation and will take place on March 14th, 2018. A series of lectures will be delivered by specialists, about the charging infrastructure of the future. The burning question is "Where does the electricity for electric vehicles come from?" This will be answered by a number of presentations being delivered at the event, as it is important to address how the electricity being needed is produced.

Another highlight will be a visit to the ready-for-every-day-use on-site ultra fast charging station.

We are particularly pleased to announce that our environment Minister from Niedersachsen, Mr. Olaf Lies, has confirmed that he will be attending the event.


Power Innovation joined CharIn.ev.

Power Innovation joined CharIn.ev. CharIn.ev is an association of leading European e-molity coompanies to support CCS- charging standard. Please see http://www.charinev.org/ for details


New Website

Power Innovation is proud to present out new website.

The bright and friendly design features increased user friendliness and the detailed technical details that our customers expect around Power Innovation products.


The Power Innovation trade fair schedule

Power Innovation is a first time participant at the Intersolar / ees in Munich.

Our schedule:

22. - 24. June 2016 Intersolar / ees Munich
20. – 23. September 2016 Innotrans Berlin
08. – 11. November 2016 electronica Munich


New product series by Power Innovation

Power Innovation provides industry leading, user friendly and secure storage solutions.

Our multi stage concept of electronic error prevention is supplemented by a unique system of fault control.

The Power Innovation battery cabinet is the most secure on the market.