Power Innovation. References


Telecom Power Supplies

As an indirect supplier for the German Telekom AG, we designed and produce three different power supplies in classes of 400W, 500W and 1000W. These battery-buffered devices supply glass fiber systems over a mains source. A RISC controller is used for surveillance of alarms like overcurrent, short circuited outputs or mains breakdown, and also prevents the batteries from being low level discharged. The power supplies are interfaced to a central management unit.

Battery Management

In 1996, the MEDEX project was founded to assure the medical surveillance of Russian cosmonauts aboard the MIR. Our part in this cooperation was to develop and manufacture accu packs, the charge appliances and the power supply. The system consists of a central unit with a redundant PC and laptop supply plus five independent sources providing the power to charge the accu packs. Each supply was designed as a switch mode converter.

Railway Inverter

Our inverter supply several devices in rolling stock with rail typical voltages like 24 VDC and 110 VDC. Such devices are for example fan motors, air conditions, lighting and on-board sockets. Also, the inverter are used to supply measurement equipment with the required voltage.

Offshore Supplies

Custom suited inverter are being used in offshore applications, like on ships, where they supply measurement and test systems. Inverter systems with increased output power are used on oil rigs to feed safety relevant loads, for example safety lamps and control equipment. The inverter meet the particular offshore requirements, like 115VAC and 60Hz or 400Hz.

Safety Device Supplies

Safe DC-supplies in different performance classes assure an uninterrupted operation of fire alarm systems. These supplies are designed to fulfill the higher safety requirements of fire alarm systems and meet the applicable regulations.