Power Innovation. AC-DC Rectifiers



... is the key to our rectifier series with modular structure which can be customized to your technical requirements by the monitoring software provided.

The REC series rectifier is the intelligent component within your DC supply system, providing a broad battery management system. A programmable temperature-controlled battery characteristic enables you to inspect and analyze the batteries connected as well as to control the battery symmetry. Automatic tests at regular intervals help you to check the battery status and capacity. Any parameter defined through the type of battery used can be adjusted within the software.

You can adapt the REC system’s performance to the requirements of your system by plugging-in between one and four modules into the subrack at any time. Thus your system runs at a high flexibility as you can manage it during operation.

  • hot plug-in capability
  • modular redundancy
  • high performance
  • automatic battery tests
  • symmetry control of the battery blocks
  • adjustable alarm levels
  • evaluable monitoring software
  • adjustable overvoltage and undervoltage thresholds
  • active load-sharing

Datasheets in PDF

Rectifier System for Telecom-, Industry- and Railapplications
Modular rectifier system with TCP/IP interface
Modular rectifier system with TCP/IP interface
Modular Battery Charger
Rectifier System for Telecom
Modular Battery Charger for Telecom and Industry Applications
Modular Battery Charger
Modular high power rectifier system up to 67kW
Battery Charger for Railway Applications